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Sheilas Shakedown 2020 Tshirts

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Image of Sheilas Shakedown 2020 Tshirts

Get your vintage style, high quality, limited edition Sheilas Shakedown 2020 Tee! Image is of back of tshirt. Front has a lil 'Sheilas Shakedown' logo on the lapel.
Rark n Roll Sheilas \m/

Sizing for your reference:

Small - 47cm (Width) 71cm (Length)
Medium - 52cm (Width) 75cm (Length)
Large - 56.5cm (Width) 78.5cm (Length)
Extra Large - 61cm (Width) 82cm (Length)
2 Extra Large - 64cm (Width) 83.5cm (Length)
3 Extra Large - 68cm (Width) 85cm (Length)